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Collective Refashioning: FEMAIL + WYC workshop

Forging a new view on body, wardrobe, and practice

Sunday June 25th



The world is desperate to tell you that your body must meet an established set of criteria which are impossible to obtain. Thank goodness the world is wrong! The truth is here: your body is a temple and worthy of respect without caveat or condition. And yet we hold onto negative ideas about our bodies which often reflect in the clothes we wear as we attempt to hide "problem areas". 

Take a look in your closet. You'll probably see clothing that falls into a variety of categories: staples (the things we wear all the time), armor (the things we wear to hide our bodies), nostalgia (the things with memories that we love), and refuse (the things we keep for no good reason). Under these same categories we can divide up the perspective many of us have of our bodies: staples (the bones, the structure), armor (the muscles, the skin), nostalgia (the the features we like about ourselves), and refuse (the features we despise about ourselves). In both body and wardrobe, can we bring these various categories into harmony, so that we can more holistically love and accept ourselves, and dress our bodies not out of defense and deflection but confidence and adoration?


At this workshop we will use yoga and clothing reconstruction to work towards embracing ourselves and our wardrobes more fully.  Please bring in clothing you hate, ignore, have worn forever, or clothing you use to hide yourself in plain sight. We will begin the workshop discussing as a community what we think and feel about the garments we've brought. We will then spend time in yoga meditating on the expansion of our creativity and self acceptance. Then we will take apart, combine, and reconstruct our garments to create new items to better represent our true, complex, and beautiful selves.

FEMAIL is Camilla Carper and Janelle Abbott: a collaborative art duo who make clothing and collage by sending work back and forth from San Fransisco to Seattle via the USPS

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