The Project + The Co.

We Yoga Co. is the brick and mortar expression of The Project. At the Co. we endeavor to come together as a community to support one another's individual practice. The project works onsite. In corporations, schools, sports teams, wedding parties, and private events to spread yoga further into the community at large. Through this we network and create events that give back to worthwhile nonprofits.. It's onsite yoga meets philanthropy.

This relationship between Co and Project further enhances our mission of making yoga accessible. Beyond providing affordable yoga to the individual at the Co, the We Yoga Project serves to connect communities on a larger scale.  The heartbeat of We Yoga thrives on yoga-as-service to enact broader social change. Bringing yoga to you, onsite, in an affordable and accessible way allows WYP to create a network that unifies our community. Through this community We Yoga Project utilizes yoga as the source to serve local non-profits and worthwhile organizations.  

To book a class through The Project please contact For more information on We Yoga Project CLICK HERE.