DATES FOR 2017 TBD

The We Yoga Co. Hot Hatha Training is a four-week program designed to deepen current yoga teachers’ understanding of both the traditional Hot Hatha (Ghosh/Bikram) and the Fire Hot Hatha sequence.  You will leave this YA certified ongoing education program with knowledge of the postures in both sequences, their benefits, alignment, and anatomical underpinnings; how to dialogue effectively for the students in a hot room; and the ability to teach hot hatha in any studio that provides this type of class.


These four weeks will include THREE special workshops:


Make the Most of your Hot Yoga Practice ON and OFF the Mat-A Perspective from a Naturopathic Physician and Dedicated Yogini--taught by Dr. Sarah Sue Myers, graduate of Bastyr School of Medicine.  Dr. Myers will discuss why the heat, how it affects the body during practice, optimal self-care pre and post class, and much more!


Yoga Anatomy - Bones and Ligaments--taught by Chandra Lovejoy who has trained with Amy Mathews at The Breathing Project, and Yoga to the People.  This workshop will promote steadiness and ease through balanced joint space via bones and ligaments.  Guided somatic experiences and asana to allow students an opportunity to discover clear pathways of weight in their own bodies.


Practice of the Advanced Class - 84 Postures--this will be a special experience our last weekend together.


Also, as a part of this training, participate in a special private visit to the Seattle Science Foundation and participate in medical research with human tissue.  See and touch the anatomical structures beneath the skin of your students and deepen your anatomical understanding of the body.


* It is HIGHLY recommended that all addendum participants participate in the EMMY CLEAVES weekend SEPT 10-11.  As one of the most respected hot hatha teachers in the world, Emmy's workshop will get you ready to dive into the teaching of the hot hatha series--and all proceeds benefit the Nature Conservancy! Go to to register.