CO: community, commitment, collaboration, connection, colleagues, companions

At We Yoga Co. we endeavor to be more than just a studio, to offer more than just yoga classes.  We strive to provide our students the opportunity to create a community that expands well beyond the walls of our practice rooms.  Keeping our classes accessible and our prices affordable is our invitation for you to collaborate with us in your own journey towards personal health. 

What you may not know is that by supporting the We Yoga Co. community, you're also building connections to people all over the Puget Sound, collaborating with us in bringing yoga and better health to people who can't always find or afford a studio in which to practice.  You are compatriots, CO- conspirators in our mission to bring yoga and its healing benefits to under-served communities. Your support of We Yoga Co. allows us to donate our time and skills to Yoga Behind Bars, Girls on the Run, Paws for a Cause, Operation Smile, Vietnam Health Clinic, Lifelong, PILA, Labateyah Youth Home and more.

Keep coming, collaborating with us in sharing yoga health, yoga love.