yoga foundation series


We take the fundamentals of yoga movement and practice and explore them over the course of four 90 minute classes.  There is time to ask questions, slow down and really understand your anatomy in these poses, find modifications and adjustments that unlock poses that can seem intimidating, and spend some time relearning to breathe and connect and enjoy your body and your life.

Session 1: 
Sun Salutations: simple shapes that warm your joints, move your spine,  and expand your breath. Brain specialists know, 90% of stimulation and nutrition for the brain comes from SPINAL MOVEMENT. Sun Salutations feed the brain by moving the spine. 

Session 2:
Standing Poses: With their emphasis on finding our feet and building balance from the ground up, the Hot Hatha standing series offers opportunities to get really interested in how you walk and stand on the earth in everyday life.  We'll take the heat out of the room, and allow you to find your feet and balance.

Session 3: 
Core Strength: Sit-ups are great, but their not enough! Yoga can help us to safely revolve with the support of all the muscles that wrap our ribs and spine.  Whether twisting to something from a cupboard, or to hit a tennis or golf ball, learning to make these movements safely is fundamental to enjoying all life has to offer.  We'll find ways to help you twist--and shout with joy.

Session 4: 
Floor Supported Spine Strengthening: The benefits of moving our spine, developing the many muscles that support our skeleton, are central to receiving the benefits yoga provides.  It doesn't require that you be super-bendy, just that you find small increments of movement all over your spine.  This session will help you support your spine, no matter what the level of injury, fusion, or stiffness. 



February 2019





Intro Series 4 class Workshop: $80

Drop in :$25

Intro Series Package

4 classes + 1 mth unlimited yoga: $120

(New students only) 

Yogis signed up for four class series will receive 20% off a retail purchase and new We Yoga students 20% off first package purchase.