Dear Yoga Community,

Yoga to the People appreciates your support of the studio and its mission of accessibility and affordability. Yoga to the People headquarters has decided that they will not continue to operate in Seattle, focusing instead on their locations in NYC and San Francisco. Our community of teachers couldn't bear to see all of you beautiful and dedicated yogis lose your yoga home. We have come together to re-formulate the business and keep the studio open as We Yoga Co.

The We Yoga Co. is a grassroots Seattle yoga studio built around the belief that there is power in a community that practices together. We Yoga Co. strives to keep the mission of affordable and accessible yoga alive by offering classes at a low set price, and honoring more long-term commitments with economical class-packages. Harnessing the power of the community also means turning an eye to Karma and service on a local level. The Co, serves to fundraise and collaborate with charities and non-profits in the greater Puget Sound. The WYC is a brick and mortar expression of the greater intention to use yoga as a means for growth and change. By providing accessible yoga to members of the community We hope to create a space for individuals to acknowledge and sustain themselves and therefore to lay the foundation for a strong community capable of taking yoga beyond the four corners of the yoga mat.

There will be some exciting changes going forward, such as early morning hot classes and MANY exciting workshops and visits with extraordinary guest teachers. Many things will also be very familiar: the teachers, the commitment to accessibility and affordability, the focus on community and the love and support of a shared practice and space.


All the Best,
Anne Elyse, Barbara, Trista