class descriptions & pricing


This practice is defined by the partnering of movement with breath.  With fluid motions and classically aligned yoga postures, WeYoga vinyasa is an open-level class friendly to all bodies and experience levels.   Instructors design the flow to meet the needs of each class, offering modifications and variations to accommodate each student’s anatomy and desire for challenge and growth.  This active form of yoga provides a great workout while balancing the body with deep stretching and mindful restoration.


Same great WeYoga flow, in a nice toasty room. The hot room in harmony with vinyasa postures creates a new metabolic challenge and the right climate for deep muscle stretching and stabilization.  This sweaty flow is heated to around 95 degrees to warm the body and change the mind. 


Based on Bishnu Gosh's traditional system of Hatha yoga that gave rise to both Bikram and Tony Sanchez's yoga sequencing, this hot yoga consists of two breathing exercises and 25-30 yoga postures. The WeYoga hot practice is as specific as it is therapeutic, positively effecting the health of muscles, glands and internal organs, while also offering opportunities for practitioners to release stress and develop a more peaceful mental state. Yoga poses are held for up to one minute and practitioners are encouraged to work towards depth inside of mindful alignment and breath. Hot Yoga is heated to 105 degrees and humidified for maximum benefits.


Created to work with the polarities of the body, mind and spirit, this class combines the effort of action with the deep release of rest.  Appropriate for yogis of all levels and concentrations, We Yin Flow  blends together the vigor of Vinyasa yoga and the restoration of Yin.  The first portion of the practice includes a dynamic flow of familiar postures to heat the muscles and focus the breath.  Once the body is warm, the second half of class utilizes long-held stretching postures to achieve deep tissue relaxation within restorative poses.    The best of both worlds, this class will light up the body's internal fire and fan the flame to sooth the entire nervous system.  A tranquil way to wind down, this practice ends in a long final rest in a candle lit room to restore you for the week ahead!


The Vinyasa practice is a flow-based class intended to move your physical practice toward new challenges. Rooted in the posture sequencing of open-level We Yoga Vinyasa classes, will take students deeper into more advanced asana work from an accessible standpoint. Meant to feed each yogi's personal sense of play and ambition, instructors will offer scaled variations and preparations to move towards king postures, giving students the option to listen to their bodies and work at a pace that honors their own individuality.    


This class is geared toward new parents and parents of children under 24 months. The class is taught based on our Vinyasa structure. Parents take a class with the children in the room. Everyone has the understanding and compassion around needs pertaining to babies. Including but not limited to babies crying, diaper changing, breastfeeding etc.




Drop in:  $15

Rentals: Towel      $2

                Mat       $2

10 Class Card (exp. 2 mths): $99         

30 Class Card (exp. 4 mths): $280


Auto renewal monthly: $99

(minimum 3 month commitment, stay on for 12 get 13th month free: Cancellation to with 30 day notice)



This special package is ONLY offered three times a year. Please check at the studio for our next starting date.  For $99, you can sign up for 30 classes in 30 days, (existing packages can be put on hold in order for you to take advantage of this special price). 


$8 Dropin $5 for package holders

prenatal consult:

$50 for 30 minutes & free for 30 class card holders and annual members.


New Student Special

New students receive 20% off of 10 and 30 class passes. Discount available on the first visit only. Auto monthly and 30 day challenge deal not included. New student discount not available for gift cards.


Get 10% off a new package when you purchase a new package before your classes run out or your current expiration date (whichever comes first)





We offer 30 minute consultations for pregnant practitioners. Pay $50 to have a better understanding of simple modifications and things to be mindful of when practicing in normal class structures. Annual and 30 class card holders will receive this consult at no extra cost. 



A self-guided 90 minute window in which you choose your own

goals and intentions, your own practice length and feedback levels.

Utilizing the basic asana structure of our hot hatha class, this open level and open process class offers practitioners the chance to practice without the timing and structure of our normal group classes. Arrive any time, doors open at noon. Stay for as long as you need to move through your personal practice, leaving any time within the 90 minutes the room will be open. Teachers will be available to answer alignment questions, make suggestions and offer requested information or guidance, but will not be leading the class with dialogue. No need to know the Hot Hatha sequence: new practitioners will be offered quiet and gentle guidance; asana lists will be available. The goal of this class is to offer practitioners the opportunity to move at their own pace, explore their own bodies and patterns of movement, to find and perhaps stay with moments and asanas that are interesting to them, with access to a teacher’s knowledge when they would like a check-in.